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Different size shoes

Now, even more custom for you!

Based on customer feedback, we now sell single shoes or different size shoes! This option is available at check out- Why? because ALL feet should be happy!  Just like clothing, it's not about what size you wear, it's about HOW you wear your size that matters! At In.a.grüv, we believe ALL shoe sizes (and feet) are beautiful. We pride ourselves in making customized shoes, and now, our shoes are even more custom for you. Thank you to those who took the time to share their mismatched shoe stories and experiences. Your input is helping us shape an even better online shopping experience. Email us at if you need  a single shoe or a pair of shoes in different sizes and indicate that on the subject line. 

Hope this makes you smile from head to TOE!
Frequently asked questions:
Q: Is there an additional charge for ordering two different sizes?
A: As long as the shoe sizes are at least 1/2 a size different, there is NO additional cost for buying two differently sized shoes (same cost as buying a pair of equally sized shoes).
Q: What if I only need one shoe? 
We offer a limited selection on single shoes for purchase but the shoe will be discounted as you are not buying a full pair.