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This journey started back in June 2020 amid the COVID lockdown. Our initial intention was to do a small community shoe drive. The turnout was so great that it turned into so much more! Ada became the Soles4Souls 25k shoe drive coordinator on Long Island, NY. In November 2022, she completed the drive and exceeded her goal! The final count was 26,329 pairs! July 2023 Ada and her son went to Guatemala to help the charity Soles 4 Souls distribute shoes to elementary age children in impoverished communities.

Although her shoe company is no longer collecting shoes, it is still working with Soles4Souls by donating $1 for every pair sold.  


As you already know, the shoe disposal process causes significant pollution, and the footwear industry must find better ways to repurpose shoes and/or materials.

There are multiple ways to recycle your shoes and our favorite non-profit organization is Soles4Souls. This charity helps to prevent pairs overfilling landfills, providing shoes to those in need and creating jobs through the resale of used pairs.

The integrity of our brand:

Sustainability: Our expanding line of interchangeable shoes allow you to enjoy a pair of quality shoes longer, season after season, from one occasion to the next without being wasteful. Our shoes allow customers to buy less and enjoy more! They are easy to pack in a suitcase and store in your closet. They are affordable and very versatile.


Materials: Our interchangeable shoes allow for more use and less waste, which is great for the environment! Our packaging is also made from recycled materials.


Ethical manufacturing:

Our shoes are ethically and responsibly made in China.