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Spring 2024 According to Glamour Magazine:

Exciting news from Glamour Magazine! They've declared that rhinestones, metallic fabrics, animal prints, and the color blue are the hottest trends this season. At Grüvy Shoes, we're right on trend with our accessories, offering a range of colors and styles to match these fabulous trends while also flattering your feet. Step confidently in style with our interchangeable shoe bling and stay ahead of the fashion curve!

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The blog post praises Grüvy block heels for their comfort and style, emphasizing their wide base that supports all-day wear. It highlights the brand's understanding of women's needs, offering a collection that combines comfort, style, versatility, and affordability. The post encourages readers to embrace block heels for painless and stress-free fashion.

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In.a.grüv featured in FN!

Click here for the link to article! Like many working mothers today, Ada Duran’s been busy navigating through the challenges presented by COVID-19. However, the Long Island, N.Y., teacher who recently turned shoe entrepreneur, has found a bright spot during the chaos. Sales of her women’s shoe business, In-a-gruv, continue to spike as consumers increasingly turn to online shopping. “Starting out in the shoe business, it was very difficult for me to juggle being a single mother, teacher and entrepreneur,” said Duran, who debuted her line of interchangeable footwear in May 2019. “It seemed as though I worked double last summer pushing my brand than I have this year. COVID hit, and it allowed me to reimagine how I was doing things,...

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