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FOOT-tastrophe Fun Facts

Wait, what’s a BUNIONETTE?

Ever met the pinky toe's rebellious cousin, the bunionette? It's like a little bump that decides to pop up at the side of your foot, making its own fashion statement! 

The bunionette is the little rebel of the toe family! It's like the pinky toe's funky accessory, a cute bump that adds flair at the outer edge of the foot. Blame genetics, snug shoes, or maybe just a touch of toe individuality for this petite party crasher!


Thankfully our Grüvy shoes are strap sandals you can wear confidently! Standing at 2.75” we are high enough for style and low enough to keep your dogs from barking!
Our block heels and rubber soles are one of the best options for ladies with bunions & bunionettes!

They offer more stability and support than stilettos, and the wider base helps to distribute the weight more evenly. This puts less pressure on your bunions & bunionettes, which can reduce pain and discomfort.  Our toe-straps are roomier too for your wonderful wide feet and our shoe accessories work their magic by minimizing the appearance of both bunions and bunionettes!