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Join our Brand Ambassador program and make money!


Becoming a Brand Ambassador



Love our interchangeable shoes? Want to make extra money simply by telling other women about them?  Then, we would love to invite you to join our Brand Ambassador program.



It's quite easy to register and we offer 20% commission of sales via PayPal.






What is expected from you as an Ambassador?



We expect you to spread the word about Grüvy Interchangeable shoes on social media at least once a week (you may post more often and promote off of social media as well if you wish to). That means reposting our posts, sharing content and tagging us in pictures when you wear our interchangeable shoes and accessories. You can also choose to show your followers how the shoes work.



What do you get for being an Ambassador?



You’ll receive a unique discount code and a 20% commission

on any referred purchases.



You’ll also receive new product and brand new sneak peeks!

Who can become an Ambassador?



Anyone over the age of 17 who is active on social media and loves Grüvy Interchangeable shoes can become an ambassador.



If you're interested, here is the registration link :