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The shoe disposal process causes significant pollution, and as a footwear industry, we must find better ways to repurpose shoes and/or materials.

There are multiple ways to recycle your shoes and one of our favorite non-profit organizations is Soles4Souls who help to prevent pairs overfilling landfills, providing shoes to those in need and creating jobs through the resale of used pairs.

In an effort to help encourage the upcycling of your shoes and reducing waste in our landfills we offer a $50 credit for every 5 pairs that you donate to Soles4Souls. Scroll down to see how you can receive your $50 credit!

The integrity of our brand:

Sustainability: Our expanding line of interchangeable shoes allow you to enjoy a pair of quality shoes longer, season after season, from one occasion to the next without being wasteful. Our shoes allow customers to buy less and enjoy more! They are easy to pack in a suitcase and store in your closet. They are affordable and very versatile.

We also help the charity, , wear out poverty all over the world and provide proper footwear for children and families in need. Grüvy is in charge of the 25K Long Island shoe drive! For more information on how you can donate to this wonderful cause and help wear out poverty domestically and globally, Email: 

This mission started in 2012 when the founder of the company began donating over a thousand pairs of shoes to the organization with her students.

Materials: Our interchangeable shoes allow for more use and less waste, which is great for the environment! Our packaging is also made from recycled materials.

Ethical manufacturing:

Our shoes are ethically and responsibly made in China.


How to get a $50 credit by  disposing of your old shoes & upcycling your old pairs!

Help save our planet

For shoe donations got to: or simply email us at if you are located on Long Island, NY.

For donating funds please go to this link: Please send us the donation receipt once submitted.

One $50 credit per order allowed.

For mailing in shoes please take a picture of the shipping label and email us the image to with the subject line: Soles4Souls donation.

If dropping off at a location, please send us the email communication you have with that area district personnel (so we can confirm with them and then we will issue the $50 credit to you to use towards your next purchase.

Donations are tax deductible.
Please make sure to list Grüvy shoes on your donor form to get the credit.